How To Measure For A Knee Brace

For a knee brace to work properly and accelerate the healing process, the best type, style of knee brace, and measurement of your knee to have a brace on it, is essential. Otherwise, you will face some hesitations while wearing or having it.

Steps to know the right knee brace for a particular injury

  • Measurement with the tape:

You can use a soft measuring inches tape to measure 6-8 inches up from the middle of your kneecap. You can name this point as A. Measure all around your leg to point A. The same goes down from the middle of your kneecap.

  • Knee width

The width of the knee should be measured 2 inches above the halfway point of the fracture. At this point, you have to measure straight across the width of the leg, 90degree angle to the inseam.

  • Measurement while sitting on the chair:

Just sit on the edge of the chair, make sure your heel is straight and keep heel on the floor.then you have to go with the steps described earlier.

  • Important considerations to be kept in mind:

The size charts that are prescribed by some doctors are not universal. But you just have to make sure you are looking at the size chart for the specific brace you want to order, for your particular wound.

Compression will be needed so the support dose not slide down in the products like knee brace or knee supports.

There is also a left or right position on some products for the knee braces.

You should keep somethings in mind while applying a knee brace on your knees. There is a requirement in some braces to slide it up over your foot and calf while others open fully to be properly roundup around your knee.


Should a knee brace be tight to fitted properly?

It is important for a knee brace to be fitted properly. If the knee brace is too loose, it will slide down your leg. And when it is too tight, the blood circulation may be cut off and it can also pinch nerves in your leg portion.

How can I stop my knee brace from sliding?

You can use a self-adhesive bandage under each strap of your knee brace to save it from sliding or slipping. But there is also self-stick adhesive available around the calf.

Can a wrong knee brace make my injury worse?

Yes, it could be. That’s why you should keep important things in mind while choosing a right knee brace for your wound.

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