How To Put On A Knee Brace

It is very important to choose the right knee brace for your particular injury, put it on the right position, tightens it according to demand and put back when the injury is healed.

Most people don’t know how to put the knee brace on the injury, on pants or off pants, how to tighten it etc. So to ease your task and release your tension, here are the guidelines that can clearly sort out your all confusions.

  • Choosing right knee brace for your injury

Your type of injury will decide the right knee brace for you. Mild wounds will heal with compression sleeves but the serious one fractures will be sort out with plastic or metal.

  • Putting the knee brace on injury

First of all, roll up your trouser leg so that the knee brace will go directly upon your skin.

If you have an injury that will require a slip-on knee brace, then slide your foot into the top of the brace, that will go down into the bottom. Slide the brace up your leg until it is put correctly over your injured knee.

And if you are using a wrap style brace, put the inside of the pad against your knee then wide the straps around.

  • Put the centre of knee brace on your kneecap

There is a small hole in knee brace to indicate which way they should go on. If it is visible, then the brace will be worn correctly. This will offer the greatest relaxation and keep the skin oxygenated underneath the brace.

  • Tightens the strips

You need to be able to fit one or two fingers into the area between your leg and the brace. If you can’t, then slightly relax the brace.


What if I put on my knee brace with the wrong direction?

There is no need to be worry about it. Put it off and then put it again with right direction and correct method.

How tight should be a knee brace?

Your brace should neither be too tight that it compresses the blood circulation system and nor too loose that it may fall down or slip on your leg.

Can I use an adhesive bandage for its proper tightness?

Yes, you can. If you feel that your knee brace is too lose then you can tight it by some adhesive bandage. Do not use ropes like things for this purpose.

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