Is a Running Knee Brace a Wise Choice?

Avid runners will know the damage that can be caused to various parts of their body when muscles and joints are subjected to the high-impact pounding of their chosen sport. Shin splints and stress fractures are common among endurance athletes as well, but is there a way to prevent injury. After all, prevention is far better than cure, and an injury could leave the individual sitting on the sidelines for weeks or months.

If you are a jogger or runner, one of the most significant injuries to prevent is stress on the knee joint as injury to this part of the body can limit the length of time the individual can take part in the activity. There is one way that runners can help prevent stress-related injuries from occurring, and this is with the use of a running knee brace.

As mentioned above, running or jogging places stress on the muscles and ligaments in the legs, but when you stop to consider that almost half of all running injuries occur to the knee, the importance of a knee brace becomes evident.

Should You Wear a Running Knee Brace?

If you have had an injury to your knee in the past and are keen to avoid another one, you will probably be thinking about acquiring a knee brace for a bit of support for the muscles and joints. Running on different surfaces can place a lot of stress on the knee joint and impact damage can leave the individual struggling to continue. However, what if there was a way to avoid such injuries, or at least reduce the likelihood of them occurring?

With a running knee brace, mobility can improve and the risk of further injury is minimized. Knee braces are available in a variety of materials and are designed to be worn over the knee during exercise, which is how they provide support and reduce stress.

Types of Running Knee Braces

A basic knee brace will be made from an elasticated fabric and will be designed to wrap around or slip over the knee. This type of knee brace will typically be one size only, usually to fit adults. This is the reason that most experienced runners prefer to look for more advanced knee braces designed to fit better and hence provide added support.

And make no mistake; support is vital when using a running knee brace. The force placed on the knee during running can result in everything from ligament tears to damage to the cartilage, but a running knee brace can help reduce the risk of such injuries.

Benefits of Wearing a Running Knee Brace

Most serious athletes will consider a running knee brace because they know that it will prolong their ability to enjoy the sport they love. Since knee braces compress the knee during exercise, blood flow is encouraged, which helps reduce swelling and pain.

As well as this, the way in which a knee brace fits around the knee helps minimize any twisting, which could otherwise result in damage to the kneecap or torn ligaments.

And let’s not forget that a knee brace is also an essential accessory for those recovering from a previous knee-related injury. The support it offers will help to reduce the risk of recurring injury and hopefully minimize any pain.

Where to Find the Best Knee Brace

If you are interested in purchasing a running knee brace for either preventative or support reasons, check out our top 10 review of the very best running knee braces for 2018 by clicking here. Buying online is quick and easy and you can compare products from a variety of vendors; comparing reviews from other customers can help with your buying decision.