5 Common Problems with A Running Knee Brace (And How to Solve Them)

A running knee brace is a regular piece of sporting kit for people who need to protect their knees against injury and to avoid aggravating old injuries. But your average runner may experience some problems with the knee brace they choose. This is quite a common issue. However, the majority of these injuries are easily solvable.

These are the most common problems with knee braces and how runners can solve them.

  1. How to Wash a Knee Brace? 

A knee brace will inevitably be covered in sweat over time. Even a knee brace is going to start to smell sooner or later. The fact of the matter is that your knee brace must be washed to keep it in good condition and to stop any vile smells.

Thankfully, they are easy to wash with just cold water and some detergent. The mistake people make is they try to throw it in the dryer. A brace should always be left to air dry.

  1. Do I have a Knee Brace at All? 

It seems like a strange question to ask, but there is a lot of confusion going around regarding knee braces. The biggest myth of all is that a knee sleeve is just the same as a knee brace. Some retailers have even started referring to the sleeves as braces.

This is completely wrong. And that is one of the reasons people don’t get the benefits they should out of their braces. A knee sleeve is not a brace; it is just a sleeve that offers limited compression around the knee area.

  1. What Knee Brace Should I Wear?

 As you’re running, you might start to feel pain and you wonder whether a knee brace could alleviate it or stop from occurring in the first place. The truth is that this is perfectly possible. Knee braces do have the potential to prevent pain and further injury. But to make sure this happens you have to be able to choose the right knee brace.

This is the most common problem people typically have. There are five different types of brace you can choose from. Only your doctor or sports physician can truly tell you which brace would work best for you.

Try to get an expert opinion prior to making a purchase of any knee brace. The wrong type of knee brace can be a disaster.

  1. Why Does My Knee Brace Always Slip Down? 

If your knee brace is slipping down as you run, the chances are you have the wrong size. This is why you should always have your knee professionally sized prior to making a purchase. Everyone needs a knee brace that suits them because if it doesn’t fit perfectly there will be problems when running.

Sometimes knee braces are even worn incorrectly. You must take that into account as well.

  1. Do they Work at All? 

Believe it or not, this is also a common obstacle people face because there are a lot of incorrect opinions going around about knee braces. Some people believe that the braces don’t work, and they may have even used them themselves.

The reality is that the majority of naysayers either have never used a knee brace or have used the wrong type of knee brace and failed to get the benefits.

Clinical studies demonstrate that braces can be extremely effective in both children and adults who love to run. Look up the data yourself and make an informed decision.

Last Word – Getting the Perfect Knee Brace 

Overcome these five problems and you’ll discover just how beneficial knee braces can be for your running sessions. They’ll change your life. But you must be able to do your research and avoid bowing to uninformed opinions.

Do you have any other questions about how knee braces work and why they are so advantageous?

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