Why You Should Use a Knee Brace for Running

Should you use a knee brace for running? 

This is a question that so many people ask. The problem with running is that it is a high-impact activity that puts a lot of strain on your legs. Most runners will experience a condition known as runner’s knee at some point in their life. This can be debilitating and completely derail your fitness regimen.

A knee brace could be the answer you’re looking for. Let us take a look at some of the reasons you should use a knee brace for your running program.

Are Knee Braces Effective? 

Knee braces are only ever effective if you are able to use the correct one. Not all knee braces are the same, and each has a different purpose. Some knee braces are designed to help those suffering from arthritis, for example, while others help those recently having surgery on their knees.

If you pick up any old knee brace, then you are guaranteed to not get the full benefits of wearing a knee brace.

Does a Knee Brace Help with Running? 

The benefit of a knee brace for running is that it protects you against high-impact shots to the knee. Every time your foot hits the ground it sends a shockwave running up the leg. Over time, wear and tear is inevitable because of this. This is especially the case if you make a wrong step or run on uneven ground.

A knee brace protects against this through absorbing some of the shock and stabilizing the knee. That way your knee is not taking the full force of your steps.

Will a Knee Brace Help Runner’s Knee? 

A knee brace is there to compress the injury and to ensure that the knee is strengthened and stabilized simultaneously. These muscles are designed to protect the more sensitive joints and ligaments. When the ligaments, the joints, and the nerves are under constant assault, pain is inevitable. And that’s how chronic conditions like runner’s knee come about.

Understand that the only real cure for runner’s knee is to stop putting stress on the affected area for a short time. But so many people do not want to completely stop running to do this.

A knee brace offers a healthy medium. The protective knee brace allows the affected areas of your knee to heal. And you can keep running at the same time.

What if My Knee Brace Doesn’t Work? 

Some runners find a knee brace does not help them. In this case, you have to question whether you have the correct knee brace. For anyone involved in high contact activities, such as running, they need something called a prophylactic brace. These are the braces that protect the knee from injury. Sometimes you may even use an unloading brace if you are still recovering from a lingering injury.

The wrong type of knee brace is the number one reason that so many runners think knee braces are not doing the job they are designed to do.

The second major issue is that they don’t have the correct fit. Not all braces are designed to fit every size of knee. It is always best to have a brace made to your size to get the full benefits from one.

Finally, the other reason a knee brace may not give you the results you want is because you are purchasing one from the wrong brand. There are so many brands that sell poor-quality knee braces. And people are often seduced by the low prices.

Unsurprisingly, they do not get what was promised.

Make sure you do your research to find the top brand. Read up on customer reviews and see what other people’s experiences are with a particular brand.

Last Word – Do Knee Braces Work for Runners? 

There’s conclusive evidence that says runners will experience beneficial effects from wearing knee braces. The problem is that so many runners fail to do their research and it leads to them not getting the results they want. It is necessary to choose the right type of knee brace and a knee brace from a reputable seller.

If you have a problem with runner’s knee, get a knee brace and you will be able to keep logging those miles. Do you have any experiences with runner’s knee?

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